Ponies & Snakes is a Judged Car Show.

Awards will be presented for the following:

  • Top point-scoring cars in each class - see below for list of classes.
  • Kids Choice Award - awarded to the outstanding car as decreed by under-16's attending the show.

Point Scoring Criteria:

  • All cars will be judged according to workmanshipcleanliness and condition only.
  • Make sure your car is ready for judging by having it in its best condition, as clean as you can get it, and with top notch workmanship.
  • We will be using a judging sheet weighted similarly to MCA standards for interior, exterior, and engine compartment only.
  • We will not judge the undercarriage or the trunk.
  • A member of our team of knowledgeable and impartial judges will be judging your car.
  • You do not have to be with your car at the time it is judged. However, you need to leave the hood up and the windows rolled down. Convertible tops may be up or down.

Cars will be classified will be as follows:

  • Cars will be classed exclusively by year of manufacture - stock, modified, specialty editions and under-construction cars will be grouped together. Remember, we are judging cars according to levels of workmanshipcleanliness and condition only. 
  • All children (under 16) attending Ponies and Snakes are invited to participate in voting for their favorite car in the show. The Kid's Choice Award is presented to the winning car.

A. Mustang 1964½ - 1966

F. Mustang 1979 - 1993

K. Cobra/Replica Cobra

B. Mustang 1967 - 1968

G. Mustang 1994 - 2004

L. Mach E

C. Mustang 1969 - 1970

H. Mustang 2005 - 2009

M. Display Only (class not judged)

D. Mustang 1971 - 1973

I. Mustang 2010 - 2014

N.  Kid's Choice (all cars eligible)

E. Mustang 1974 - 1978

J. Mustang 2015 - 2023


  • In the event of low numbers of cars entered in a particular class, some classes may be combined at the discretion of the show Judging Committee.



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