Registration for Ponies & Snakes 2023 is NOW OPEN !

The cost of entry for Ponies & Snakes is $50.00 dollars for registrations processed by May 19, 2023; later registrations will cost $60.00. See show info for additional information.

Registration for this years event is available exclusively through the MCA-approved Motosho app. To begin the registration process, click here.  Need some more information first? Read on....

I don’t have a Motosho account. How do I set it up?

Setting up an account is easy. Go to the home page, click on the link “CREATE AN ACCOUNT” and complete the requested information. You’ll add details about your car which will be saved and auto populated into all future Motosho registrations.

What is the link for Motosho?

Use to set up a new account and to view upcoming shows.
Use to go directly to the Ponies and Snake page.

I don’t have a PayPal account to charge the registration fee. What are the other options?

Motosho also allows you to pay by check. If you choose the check option, you must mail in a hard copy of your confirmation email with your check payment. Registration is not considered complete until your payment has been received.

I chose the wrong “Registration Option”. How do I delete it?

The shopping cart box on the right side of the screen will show what you have selected. Click the trash can in the upper right corner to delete the entry.

On the drop down for “Division”, the option for “Display Only” does not appear. Why?

The “Display Only” option will not appear if you’ve selected a “Judged” Registration option.

The “Save” button in the blue registration option box, will not save my entry. Why?

All fields must be completed. Make sure you’ve entered the “Body Style”, your free T-shirt size and the Division. Once this is done the Save box will be activated.

Where do I indicate the size for my free t-shirt?

In the box “TYPE FREE T-SHIRT SIZE” just below the “Body Style” field. See example below:

Still have questions?

Send an email to our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (510) 684-2340

Please bring either a hard or soft copy of your confirmation email with you to the show so we can see that you have pre-registered.




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